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Canary Islands President prepares the ground for Covid-19 decree law regulation

Canary Islands President prepares the ground for Covid-19 decree law regulation

The President of the Canary Islands’ Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, held a press conference this Monday, following an extraordinary Governing Council meeting to analyse a new decree law aiming to provide an ordered framework for anti-covid measures, pointing out that the Governing Council’s regular scheduled ordinary meeting for this Thursday, September 2, will take place as usual.

He announced that aid has been initiated for those affected by the recent fire in La Palma, and made mention of a proposal for the Canary Islands to put itself forward as a potential location for the headquarters of the European Tourism Agency, a decision that will have to be ratified by the Council of Ministers. Torres said he is optimistic, with respect to the Islands saying “We have to all be united to achieve it.”

Turning to the decree law, empowering the Autonomous Community to order anti-covid measures, Torres revealed that the text consists of more than 75 pages and contains 28 articles, and follows the model of other autonomous communities. On Thursday it could be signed in the ordinary Canary Islands Governing Council.

“We have exchanged opinions with the central government” and also with other regional executives, explained the president, when drafting the decree law, which he said does not aim to “go against anyone” or “change the criteria of the judges”, referring to judicial setbacks to several of the anti-covid measures proposed by the regional Executive, since the end of the State of Emergency on May 9.

The decree law will now pass through Parliament, processed as a bill using the abbreviated procedure of a single reading, and the parliamentary groups will be able to make their contributions. The document, which will have the force of law, will not include measures rejected by the courts such as the curfew.

Torres referred to covid certificate limits still being increased in hotels from 8-12 months, and made mention of the extremely positive vaccination data on the islands. “Today, August 30, 2021, 70% of the entire Canarian population (all age groups) have received the complete regimen”.

The Governing Council on Monday took the opportunity to sign their petition to extend limitations on the number of people allowed in groups. The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC, high court) has already ratified the proposal, several weeks ago. According to Torres, the decree law which could be signed as early as Thursday, will have this heading reordered.

“The new decree law will maintain the levels system,” Ángel Víctor Torres advanced, it will be taken to the Parliament of the Canary Islands and, with its approval, all previous decrees will be repealed, confirmed the President of the Government of the Canary Islands.

In closing Ángel Víctor Torres said that the general population needs to “become aware” that more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine may need to be recommended in the future.

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