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Two separate arrests for alleged animal abuses and abandonment in Castillo del Romeral and in Agüimes

Two separate arrests for alleged animal abuses and abandonment in Castillo del Romeral and in Agüimes

Education has improved significantly in recent years regarding the care of domestic pets and other animals on Gran Canaria, with most members of the public these days being well aware of how to correctly care for dogs in their charge. Nevertheless, every so often the Seprona animal welfare teams, in the course of their duties and inspections, discover horrendous neglect on some rural properties, requiring them to protect animals from human ignorance.  Reports from the public are vital to ensuring that animals are not left to suffer and that those who mistreat them are brought to justice.

A Guardia Civil Seprona Patrol from Vecindario last week detained a dog owner suspected of a continuous crime of abuse and abandonment of a Bull Terrier dog in an area near the south-east Gran Canaria neighbourhood of Castillo del Romeral, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Civil Guard, on routine patrol, were inspecting waste generated by nearby greenhouses, such as plastics, mesh, wires or irrigation products, when they noticed an apparently abandoned plot. After entering, the police noticed a dog in deplorable health conditions. Specifically, the animal had a severe infestation of ticks, in the rectal area, between the toes, inside and outside the ears and throughout the rest of the animal’s body. Abnormal nail growth, due to a lack of care, deformed the normal position of the toes whilst walking.

After the agents gave basic care for the animal, to treat damage caused by ticks and parasites and possible vectors of contagious diseases, an animal protector took charge to provide the care necessary to try to restore this animal to health.

Guardia Civil report two arrests for separate cases of animal neglect

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Posted by TheCanary.TV on Friday, July 16, 2021

This week too news of another individual detained by Guardia Civil in Agüimes, in collaboration with a Seprona Neighborhood Patrol, for a crime of animal abuse having fed his dogs on little else than rotting meat and offal.

The investigation began when a witness notified the Guardia of a farm full of construction remains, where several dogs were being kept in conditions “incompatible for life”, without being cared for properly and found to be starving, apparently to the point of “extreme” malnourishment, according to a statement.

Civil Guard agents went to the scene to verify the state of the animals, who were chained up and had little shelter to protect themselves from inclement weather, with only rotten cattle remains in the feeders, giving off an “unbearable” sour smell.

In addition, the dogs had calluses from sleeping on the rough ground and presented serious infestations of parasites on the skin.  They were transferred urgently by the Civil Guard Seprona Team from Vecindario to kennels in Agüimes so that they could receive basic care.

The person responsible for the care of the animals was arrested, who stated that the dogs were fed daily but that their state of health, in apparent neglect, was simply because “they were too old.”

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