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Gran Canaria Level Alert 3 – Updated Basic Dos and Don’ts

Gran Canaria Level Alert 3 – Updated Basic Dos and Don’ts


The Governing Council meeting, held on July 22 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, agreed that all the islands increase their epidemiological alert levels, except for El Hierro, which remains at Level 1. As Gran Canaria rises to Alert Level 3 new rules and regulations come into force, including night closures of parks and beaches, new rules for the sale of alcohol, and others. 

Here are the basic Dos and Don’ts for Alert Level 3:
Rules and regulations have been modified and changed when needed and there are changes made since the last time Gran Canaria was in Alert Level 3. The level changes take effect from Thursday, 22 July, with the publication of the “Traffic Light” assessment from the General Directorate of Public Health, except on Tenerife, who move to alert level 4, but with the regulatory changes that were approved and will be published next Monday in the BOC (Official State Gazette).

Maximum capacity in indoor public and private spaces:
Four people maximum, unless all are cohabitants.

Hosteleria and restauration:
Outdoor service no more than 75% capacity and a max. 6 people per table.
• Indoor service no more than 40% capacity and max. 4 people per table if not vaccinated and 6 people per table with completed vaccination and
a maximum of 2 people allowed at the bar.
• Buffet and self-service are not allowed indoors. Permitted outdoors.
• Hospitality establishments and pick up services must close before 00:00
Nightclubs will remain closed.

Parks and Beaches:
Parks and beaches will close before 22:00 to avoid “botellones” (outdoor parties).

Beaches: capacity 50% and groups of maximum 4 people.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads, parks and recreation areas:
The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on public roads, in parks or outdoor recreation areas.
• Controls will be strengthened to prevent the consumption of alcohol and other activities not allowed on public roads, in parks and squares, and the night-time closure of spaces, in which crowds may occur, for this reason may be established.
The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited after 22:00 in retail stores.

Shopping centres and malls:
Maximum capacity 25% in common areas.

Museums and exhibition halls:
33% capacity and groups of maximum 4 people.

Sports Activities:
• A maximum of 4 people per group (including the monitor) is allowed, guaranteeing a minimum distance of 2 meters between the different groups,
with mandatory use of a mask.
• Maximum capacity outdoors 50% and indoors 33%.

Weekly indoor and outdoor Markets: 50% capacity.

Excursions boats:
• Capacity 50% and in groups of maximum 4 people.
• The service of food or drink must be done outdoors, sitting and complying with measures same as outdoors restaurant regulations.

Public Transport:
Public transport is limited to carrying 33% passenger capacity.

Hospital and social healthcare centres:
Visits to hospitals and social healthcare centres are limited, at the discretion of, and under the supervision of, the centre.

Time limitation of service hours, activities, and establishments:
Service hours are limited between 00:00 to 06:00 every day, except for essential activities such as the acquisition of medicines from a pharmacy; assistance getting to healthcare centres, services, and establishments: assistance to veterinary care centres for urgent reasons and compliance with work, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations; assistance and care of domestic animals or on livestock farms, among others.

Workplace: 33% of capacity in the communal areas.

Places of religious worship: 33% capacity.

Music performances:  
Prohibited, in closed spaces, shows and acts with choirs, bands, orchestras or other musical groups in which there is no
continuous use of the mask and the safety distance of two meters cannot be maintained permanently. They may take place outdoors, as long as this distance between the components and between them and the public is guaranteed.

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