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Gran Canaria forest fire season has begun, the use of fire and barbecues is restricted through the summer.

Gran Canaria forest fire season has begun, the use of fire and barbecues is restricted through the summer.

The fire alert season began on July 1, when the Cabildo de Gran Canaria prohibits the use of fire on mountain and forest lands. The restrictions stay in effect until September 30, although they could be extended depending on weather conditions.

The use of portable barbecues in recreational areas, camping areas and shelters managed by the Cabildo is now restricted. In these places, only the built-in barbecues enabled for this can be used, as well as gas cylinders weighing less than 13 kilos, always on the inside perimeter of each of the aforementioned infrastructures.

Likewise, the burning of any forest areas, agricultural or other residues, such as stubble, dead wood, bark and the like, as well as pyrotechnic shows, the use of fireworks, and any other device that utilises fire in forest lands or in other areas, is prohibited. Also in nearby areas where they could fall into forest land.

When the Government of the Canary Islands or the Island Cabildo declare the “Forest Fire Risk Alert“, all types of fire will be prohibited in recreational areas (including the use of construction barbecues installed in these areas), and fireworks on the forest ground and for a distance of 400 meters around it.

In these Alert situations, the use of machinery that may generate sparks, such as chainsaws, welding equipment, brush cutters and the like, will be completely restricted in forestry lands and their vicinity, as well as banning charcoal and the use of fire in beekeeping. Depending on the weather conditions, the Ministry of the Environment may close infrastructures for public use.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has emphasised that most forest fires occur as a result of negligence and risky attitudes, so they ask the population to contribute to fire prevention, to take extreme precautions and reduce the use of fire and other such elements as much as possible, particularly anything that generates sparks, aiming to have a summer without fires and without injuries.


With the summer increase in temperatures, the risks of forest fires also increase; so it is very important to respect the recommendations to avoid any accidents. The forest fires high risk season begins in the month of July, everyone is asked to exercise extreme caution.
The Cabildo publishes the rules and restrictions in force until September 30, as well as other considerations that we must take into account depending on the time of year.

1 October – 30 June the use of barbecues, gas and constructed grills are allowed
1 July – 30 September you can only use the cabildos constructed camping grills and gas bottles that are less that 13kg
if Cabildo de Gran Canaria declares an alert for the risk of forest fires, it will automatically mean that any use of fire in all public leisure areas and forest areas is prohibited as well as any machinery that may produce sparks.


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