The Guardia Civil Main Post in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria -Mogán -, arrested a 45-year-old man, with the collaboration of the private security service of a hotel establishment, for allegedly stealing two high-end mobile telephones in the communal areas of a hotel complex, on the south of Gran Canaria, which he accessed by posing as a tourist.

The investigation began on June 4, 2021, when two German tourists reported that they had had two mobile phones stolen, valued at 1,500 euros in total, which they had left on hammocks at the pool of the hotel where they were staying on holiday, also reporting that one of the stolen phones was at that same time in the area of Maspalomas, according to data provided by the security application that was installed on the stolen device.

After reviewing security recordings from the hotel, the Civil Guard were able to verify how a man, wearing the typical clothing of a tourist with his face concealed by his mask, and wearing sunglasses despite being inside a building, had accessed the interior of the hotel establishment to get to the pool area, and then left the premises.

The complainant collaborated in the investigation by providing geolocation data of the telephone terminal, being able to obtain the route taken by the alleged perpetrator once the theft had been carried out,  the corresponding police investigations led the agents to identify the phone’s whereabouts.

However, on June 12 the man returned to the same hotel establishment, presumably with the same intention, and wearing the same clothing as on previous occasions, this time he was surprised and detained by security personnel, until the arrival of the Civil Guard who immediately carried out the appropriate checks to verify his identification, and thereby proceeded to arrest him for a crime of theft.