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Minor in care arrested for attempting to injure a carer with a knife

Minor in care arrested for attempting to injure a carer with a knife

A minor was detained for allegedly having tried to attack one of the carers at a juvenile centre at the Puerto Bello apartment complex, temporarily set up for use by the Regional Government’s Social Law Department to temporarily accommodate migrant minors, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, according to municipal sources from the Mogán Town Council. The minor was detained by the Guardia Civil, who entered the centre after being requested to do so by the management of the centre responsible for the boy. The incident occurred the same week that an anonymous email claimed alleged sexual assaults, and alcohol and drug use at the centre. A subsequent inspection had detected the presence of substance abuse, however no evidence of sexual assaults has come to light.

Last Sunday, June 20, during the early afternoon, one of the unaccompanied minors residing in this centre allegedly tried to stab one of the workers with a knife, the assailant and the victim both falling to the ground before one of his companions, another unaccompanied migrant minor, managed to strip him of the knife he was carrying and thus avoid further consequences. Sources explained that, according to the Mogán Local Police report, the young man who snatched the knife from the alleged assailant suffered a cut in his hand.

That afternoon, the Guardia Civil went to the centre and arrested the alleged aggressor, who was charged with a crime of threats, according to sources from the armed institute yesterday. Legal sources explained that this event has not yet been entered into the juvenile court system.

An active investigation has been placed on the Puerto Bello juvenile centre since an anonymous complaint was made public, said to have come from workers at the facility, claiming serious irregularities inside the centre. The Ministry for Social Rights filed a complaint with the Canary Islands Police and with the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, and the Mogán Town Council also took the case in the Children’s Prosecutor. Days later, the council removed nearly fifty young people, transferring them to other resources in the municipality of Mogán and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, after both the Local Council and the Public Ministry insisted on the need to close the Puerto Bello. In the complex there are still 78 minors who will have to be transferred before July 15, the date on which the Ministry of Social Law plans to close the centre.

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