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Resurfacing of the GC-1 between Pasito Blanco and Arguineguín starts Monday

Resurfacing of the GC-1 between Pasito Blanco and Arguineguín starts Monday

You might have noticed there is a lot getting done recently, by way of maintenance and development of new facilities.  All necessary work, for sure, but as next year is a major local elections year, you can expect a lot of extra improvements occurring quite prominently.  One of the main ones this autumn is the resurfacing of the main southern highway, which is liable to cause a few inconveniences over the next couple of weeks.  The Cabildo de Gran Canaria begins this Monday, October 15, with the resurfacing of the southern highway (GC-1) between the Pasito Blanco and Arguineguín junctions.

The works will be carried out during the day time, first on the southbound carriageway and then in the direction of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, northbound, between 09:00 and 19:00, just as other resurfacing works on the rest of the island roads are, except those on the main arterial routes in and out of the capital, such as Avenida Marítima, which are the only ones usually carried out at night, so as to avoid a totally circulatory collapse.  So you can expect daytime delays

The works are part of the southern contract for the rehabilitation of the insular road network and adds to those already carried on the same road last year, on the section between El Tablero and Pasito Blanco.

This action is included in the investment of almost 7 million euros” reads the statement “that the Cabildo executes this year in the paving of the insular roads asphalt contract with an execution of 100 percent of the planned budget, and actions on the network of greater inflow of vehicles such as the Avenida Marítima of the capital and in the south and the medianías of the Island” said the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Ángel Víctor Torres in a press release.

The stretch being asphalted, of around 6 kilometers, supports a high volume of traffic between tourists, residents and heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses, which cause deterioration over time.

The works, which include the milling and replacement of the asphalt and the repainting of the road markings, it will take about 12 days and will force the closure of the road first Southbound between 15-19 of October and then in the direction of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Northbound, between 22-26 October. The traffic affected at any time will need to use the old coastal road (GC-500) between these points as an alternative route.

Facebook and Twitter @CarreterasGC will report punctually of the development of the works and of any incident that may occur.

Road closures due resurfacing of three sections of GC500 in SBT and Mogán

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Kamikaze driver sentenced after quick trial

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Man who died in horrific road accident on Friday named

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Man carrying drugs shipment killed another driver near Pasito Blanco in crash while trying to evade police

A 55-year-old man died yesterday afternoon on the GC-500, at the intersection of Pasito Blanco and the GC1 Southern Highway, after a head on collision with another vehicle, slightly injuring the other driver. The man was seriously wounded and was trapped...

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