Sunshine Ahoy! Warm breezes and blue skies

When warning came earlier this week of possible storm weather, we received a call from the roving Afrikat weather centre telling us just how unlikely it was.  It looks like, once again, they were perfectly correct, with blue skies reigning over the south of Gran canaria, though the odd cloud might appear later today, certainly nothing to worry about.  It seems it’s just always sunny on the Afrikat! How do they do it? Blue skies ahoy!

A little cloud this morning has brought some light rain mainly to the north, northwest and inland areas of the island. Temperatures pretty much unchanged rising slightly to between 20-25˚C in the shade. Variable and loose west winds tending to moderate as we move into the afternoon.

Some cloud is expected to start the day on Friday, with light rain in the north. Opening up in the afternoon to clear blue skies particularly in coastal areas, with some intervals of high cloud possible. Temperatures of 20-22˚C in the shade. Northwest winds, moderate and loose, turning north in the afternoon as we end the week.

Saturday should see a little cloud, with intervals of high cloud. Temperatures changing little. Slight to moderate northeast winds, more intense in the eastern islands.

Morning clouds to the north of the islands to start with Sunday morning, some cloud appearing inland areas from midday. Maximum temperatures slightly rising. Variable northeasterly and lose breezes.

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