Weather: Some rain cloud to the north, temps fairly constant

Nothing particularly unusual this week for February on Gran Canaria, with some grey wet weather to the north of the island, but the south coasts mainly shielded in the lee of the island with plenty of bright sunny spells.  Temperatures dropping slightly to a fairly constant 13˚C minimum to 19˚C in the shade.

To the north of Gran Canaria the week started with some cloud, occasionally overcast during the first half of the day; elsewhere cloudy intervals with bright sunny spells to the south. Rain in the north is expected setting the trend for what could be a rather wet week ahead, with a small likelihood of some weak rains in other areas.

Minimum temperatures falling slightly inland and in highland areas to around 13˚C, though maximums of around 20˚ in the shade should stay fairly constant throughout the week.

North winds of 25 km/h to 35 km/h, may see intervals of stronger gusts on north facing slopes and upland areas, though this should ensure fairly calm weather to the South Coast where generally loose and variable breezes are expected.

A cloudy start to Tuesday in the north with cloudy intervals and some some sunshine elsewhere. Rain showers are again expected in the north, bringing with them a still comparably low probability of weak rain in other areas, mainly in the afternoon. Temperatures should remain unchanged, with northerly winds of 25 to 35 km/h, again bringing gusts inland and to highland areas of the northern slopes during the morning; and variable loose breezes to the South coasts in the lee of the island.

As the week wears on the north of the island will see predominantly cloudy skies, with several cloudless intervals. Rain showers on north slopes could also bring some storm weather in the early hours of wednesday. Temperatures remaining between 13˚ & 19˚ in the shade and north winds continuing to bring a little chill, with strong intervals on the north facing slopes, though with the south of the island to be mostly protected from the worst of it.

Predominantly cloudy skies are expected to dominate the end of the week to the north bringing some weak rain, with cloudy intervals possible elsewhere, though plenty of bright spells expected.  Temperatures unchanged. Northerly winds will slow to around 15km/h, again keeping most any bad weather off the south coasts which should gain increasingly sunny spells as the week comes to a close, and the wind comes to a standstill before reversing direction to blow from the South West, an all likelihood reducing the potential for bad weather.