Weather: Bright sunny spells with some cloud

Image from Panoramio: Gérard Peeters

Friday afternoon on Gran Canaria has brought predominantly cloudy skies particularly to the north and northeast, with occasional bright periods. Some light drizzle on the north this morning could spread to the southern slopes this afternoon. Waves of 3-4 m to the north, and 1-2 m to the south. Temperatures ranging between 16˚ & 22˚. Loose north winds of between 5 & 15 km/h, perhaps stronger on the east and west coasts, and coastal breezes dominate the end of this week.

Cloudy skies are also expected on Saturday in the afternoon; the south and southwest may temporarily lose their usually constant blue skies and sunshine. Some light rain on the north coasts during the first half of the day, and again possible on the southern slopes during the afternoon, most likely however to be bright sunshine with the occasional cloud off the south and south west coasts. Waves dying down a bit to between 2 & 3m to the north, and 1-2 m to the south. Temperatures around the same, possibly rising. Loose north winds of 5 to 15 km/h, a little more intense on east and west coasts, with coastal breezes.

Cloudy intervals on Sunday should start to give way during the afternoon; with some cloud possible to the south, most likely clear blue sky and sunshine; there is a small possibility of some weak and isolated showers. Temperatures will see few changes perhaps a slight rise. Northeast winds are expected to be slack along the northern slopes, somewhat more intense on the southern slopes of the island, increasing during the afternoon; Northeast winds with strong intervals inland; loose variable variable breezes on southwestern coasts of the island.

As we head into next week skies should start clearing from Monday afternoon; with no clouds expected above about 1000-1100 meters, the mountains . Northeast winds, variable in direction should bring loose breezes to southwest coasts of the island.  Temperatures beginning to rise as the week wears on.

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