Warm Saharan winds bring Spring Calima

Image: Love Gran Canaria – Calima coming

With temperatures rising and Saharan dust blowing in on a glorious spring Calima (Saharan Air Layer), inland areas and higher zones of Gran Canaria can expect rising temperatures as we head into midweek and towards what promises to be a gorgeous warm weekend. Northeast winds on Wednesday of between 15 and 25 km/h on the coasts that will turn east in the afternoon, sending warm desert breezes across the archipelago; with strong gusts expected, along the east and southeast coasts.

Thursday should be clear blue skies, except for the Calima, with temperatures continuing to rise a little. Eastern winds will be strong at intervals inland and in highland zones.

As the week comes to a close, we can expect some clear blue skies peppered with low and medium altitude clouds, and intervals of high cloud. The Spring Calima swelter should continue into the weekend. With temperatures maintaining a cosy 22ºC – 28ºC in the shade. East winds should continue to bring dust in off Western Sahara.

Saturday will be bright and clear, though the calima will still be with us, keeping the temperatures higher than we’ve seen of late, but beginning to decline a little, particularly west of Tenerife.

As the weekend comes to a close the winds should begin to drop and shift direction to blow back in off the Atlantic with temperatures returning to seasonal norms of between 17º & 25ºC as we start the new week.

Temperatures are measured in the shade and can be much higher in direct sunlight. Use protection.  Check the latest forecasts and satellite imagery on our Weather Page (http://TheCanaryNews.com/Weather)

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