Warm hazy weather expected this weekend in the Canary Islands

weather-Canaries-060315AEMET the Spanish State Meteorological Agency have confirmed reports of calima expected this weekend in The Canaries, most notably in the eastern part of the archipelago. Partly cloudy skies will remain to the north of the island and on the islands of greater altitude during the first half of the day, maximum temperatures rising, with moderate easterly wind potentially stronger in the Southeast midlands and highland areas.

weather-chart-Mogan-060315AEMET has also activated a yellow warning on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura for strong winds. The alert is currently in place from 06.00 to 21.00 on Saturday. AEMET expected gusts to reach 75 km per hour.

This Friday, will be predominantly blue skies with a little cloud possible in isloation, though clouds are expected at the beginning of the day in northern areas, with a tendency to lighten as the day goes on. Temperatures will remain unchanged from yesterday, with a maximum of around 22ºC in the shade dropping to around 16 as we move into the evening. Winds from the north or northeast of between 10 and 35 km per hour speed, depending on the specific area.

Canary Islands waters are expected to experience northeast winds of between force 3 or 4, gusting occasionally up to force 5 on the northwest and southeast coasts of the islands. Surge is expected, with a possibility of rough seas and swell to the north or northwest, with waves of around 2-3 meters in the north and 1-2 meters elsewhere.

The weather forecast for today, islands, is as follows:

Gran Canaria Today:

Predominant cloud to the north below 500 meters, with clear skies in the afternoon; little cloud expected elsewhere.

Temperatures with little change.

Northerly winds of 25-35 km/h, with some more intense variable southeasterly breezes of 10-20 km/h on the southwestern coast;  Southeast winds of around 20-25 Km/h.

Temperatures in the shade:

Las Palmas 16ºC – 21ºC

Maspalomas 22ºC – 25ºC

Puerto Rico 26ºC – 28ºC

Remember, temperatures are taken in the shade.  Direct sunlight will always cause an increase and raise the potential for harm.  Sunscreen is always advisable if you are outside for prolonged periods.  You can find all the latest forecasts and satellite imagery on our weather page (TheCanaryNews.com/Weather)