Walking The Walk – With Lilly Rikhter

P21 - Lily Rikhter

P21 – Lily Rikhter

The road emerges under the steps of the one who walks.

Trainer, nutritionist, psychologist

and fitness model; meet the young, ambitious and talented Lilly Rikhter.

She won wide acclaim in her mother Russia from promoting the idea that with her fitness techniques, and in just a short time, she can make the perfect body of any build. Success is simply a matter of attitude. Her recipe: if you want to have the figure of a Beauty Queen – forget about fast food. Diet and exercise with Lilly’s proven methods.

“Nothing is impossible” says Lilly “There are no ugly people – just lazy people”.

Most who are aware of her don’t know that Lilly – now a Russian Champion Thai boxer and powerlifter, winner of the 2015 “Fitness psychology” award, and torchbearer in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games – as a child was a frail and sickly girl, suffering with a debilitating mixture of heart disease, irreversible spinal issues, joint problems and a weakened immune system. Fate, it seems, gives everything to some from birth, and others must make a lot of effort to correct the “mistakes of nature.” The story of this girl proves that you can improve yourself, you can change your life and go all the way in spite of the circumstances you start in.

Today, Lilly works with well-known show business people in Russia and throughout Europe; performers, producers, business people, men, women, and children of all ages.

Lilly has hooked up with us here at The Canary to offer some tips on how best to cope with obstacles and what you need to start changing lives… your life and the lives of those around you.

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Become the person you would most like to be. Do what brings you pleasure, but do not stop there; love, sincerely love life.

Train your body and be eager to learn. Only the unification of “form and content” will make you truly interesting and successful.

Everything in life is interconnected. But a positive attitude, determination and hard work can make even people with disabilities – famous, rich and happy! And this is in fact proven time and time again. Paraolympians from around the world and even the most ordinary people show that each of us is capable of extraordinary things.

“It is important to take that first step and not step back.” Lilly tells us with sparkle in her eyes “In my practice, I have met people with deadly diseases, and seen how they can unfold and turn back the clock. They can cheat fate and continue to live! Everyone has a chance, everyone has this ability. And you do not need to torture yourself with hunger or live in the gym. Start simple! Daily walks and stretching to improve mobility of joints. A gradual increase in walking time – and you will start to see positive results very soon. The road emerges under the steps of the one who walks.”

Good luck!