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His Majesty King Filipe VI addresses British Parliament

"The Palace of Westminster is a symbol of the British people's commitment to the cause of freedom." His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain talks of the extraordinary honour in addressing UK Parliament.

Ryanair heavy landing at Leeds Bradford

Meanwhile... flying from Fuerteventura Making the headlines today: Ryanair passengers heading to Leeds Bradford on Friday received a bumpy landing on flight FR1585 due to 15 knot head winds forcing the pilot to slam the aircraft down a little harder than he would have liked. Described as a "Frightening experience" by Craig Cullinan, who filmed from his seat, shocked fellow travellers can be heard crying out as the pilot fought for control of the aircraft. A Ryanair spokesperson has said that despite the bumpy landing the plane "landed safely" See Craig's full video at "Ryanair flight from Fuerteventura to Leeds Bradford Airport. 14/07/2017. FR1585. 15kt winds landing on Runway 32. (More head wind than side wind). Pilot was fighting to keep control of the aircraft and not too sure if he came in to quick and too high thus having to force the aircraft down into the tarmac, or if he was too slow, lost lift and resulted in the aircraft "falling" out of the sky. Difficult to say without knowing speed or height. Once on tarmac, the pilot fought to regain control of the aircraft, and we were thrown from left to right trying to straighten up. I have flown for many years, and this has had to be the first landing where I have thought the main gear was going to collapse. Frightening experience."

Arguineguín celebrates Fiestas del Carmen 2017

A wonderful warm night of celebration in Arguienguín on the south coast of Gran Canaria

St Petersburg Ballet Gala - Stars of The white Nights - July 2...

WN TICKETS to the St Petersburg Ballet Gala - Stars of The White Nights - July 23 - Auditorio Alfredo Kraus de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (CLICK HERE exploring some of the greatest choreographies ever devised, and a unique opportunity to see dancers trained at the most famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet dancing alongside local students from Gran Canaria

British Pathe visited Gran Canaria in 1962

Like a bit of history? Take a look at the island just before mass tourism arrived here. Literally the same year that the very first tourists started to visit San Agustín, Playa del Inglés and the Maspalomas Costa Canaria We unearthed this little film about 3 years ago and published it on our site, now that we are receiving so many visitors we thought we'd show you again, filmed by British Pathé on Gran Canaria (1962) If you'd like to find out more about this time, we recommend you visit the outstanding museum exhibition at the Finca Condal, Museo-Bodega-Eventos, we'll publish a discount voucher in the comments below, or pick up a copy of the latest print edition, all across the south this week.

Good Morning Gran Canaria - Playa del Pajar

#GoodMorningGranCanaria Love Gran Canaria

#GoodMorningGranCanaria #GoodMorningPlayaDelInglés #GoodMornin...

Good Morning Gran Canaria! #GoodMorningGranCanaria #GoodMorningPlayaDelInglés #GoodMorningMaspalomas #GranCanaria GranCanaria Maspalomas

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