Maspalomas parasol twister

A mini twister was caught on video today playing havoc with the new parasols and sun loungers!

Policia Nacional operation against fraudsters

Video released by Policía Nacional during operation to dismantle an organization that swindled more than €400,000 from foreign tourists in the south of Gran Canaria. Read More:

Gran Canaria Train - Maspalomas

The final planned stop is in the heart of the touristed south, Maspalomas, for the first time connecting the capital directly with the iconic dunes of Maspalomas and the famous lighthouse.

Gran Canaria Train - Airport-Playa del Inglés

From the airport the train route will stop at major population centres in Agüimes and Vecindario before continuing south toward the primary tourist zones. It is the final part of this journey that is currently under review with plans being drawn up for alternative sites to place the Playa del Inglés station.

Gran Canaria Train - Hospital Insular-Airport

From Las Palmas the train is planned to pass the main Hospital Insular and head south through Telde to the main Airport

Gran Canaria Train - Santa Catalina-San Telmo

The first section of the planned train route will run between the main port area in Las Palmas and the original city at San Telmo, close to the old quarter Triana and Vaguetta.

Gran Canaria Train - Originally proposed route

Originally planned route for the Gran Canaria Train, the final 7km into Playa del Inglés are now under review due to changes necessitated by the Siam Park water park project in El Veril. (selection of video simulations first published six years ago in 2011) The Cabildo de Gran Canaria, it has emerged this week, is still pushing forward with long talked of plans for connecting the capital, Las Palmas, with the south via train line. ... The approved train line corridor runs between Santa Catalina in the northern capital, Las Palmas, and Meloneras in the touristed south, and now includes 11 stations. The total cost of this project is estimated at €1.5 billion and most of the works projects have to be delivered by this summer to the company, set up for the project, Ferrocarriles de Gran Canaria. Read More:

The Old Brogue - Gran Canaria

The Old Brogue in Playa del Cura on Paddy´s Day, hosting Elsa Jean McTaggart Mercenary Fiddler Duo/Band

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