Two shopping mall plans for Puerto Rico

The Municipality of Mogán apparently closed the 2016 fiscal year with a budget surplus, in terms of national accounting, having €4,049,607.94 extra. This was announced at the end of April in an ordinary session of the municipal plenary, held in 27 of April, where, additionally, final approvals on three urban agreements were given.

Three urban developments were green lighted, under the Costa de Mogán Plan for Modernisation, Improvement and Competitiveness Enhancement, which had been agreed back in August 2015.

The newly approved conventions on Puerto Rico will now allow construction of a shopping centre on the land occupied by the abandoned water park to be undertaken by Comunidad de Bienes Mogán Mall, with companies including Fundgrube, Inditex and Hiperdino. Installation and opening of the commercial center, will boast a useable area of 14,740.72 square meters,  located in Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch 9.

Another shopping centre is also to be constructed on the municipal wasteland, by the entity Tourin Europeo SA (the commercial name being Gloria Thalaso & Hotels )

And construction of a supermarket is also to be moved forward by Mercadona in Motor Grande.

The three conventions were approved each with the votes in favour from the main governing group (CIUCA-PSOE) and despite the opposition or the PP and NC political parties.

Councillor for Urban Planning, Mencey Navarro, explained that “the governing group of the City of Mogán has no other option than having to vote  for the approval of these three conventions.”

If not,” continued the mayor, “entrepreneurs who want to exercise their investments through the PMM Costa de Mogán – and are now legitimated in doing so – could request patrimonial responsibilities and lost profits. Thus, the entities bound by these three approved agreements could request compensation from the City of Mogán for an approximate value of about €20 million, according to the technicians of the Consistory. In addition, the administration when there is a document of this kind in effect “.

The Townhall of Mogán is obliged to comply with these agreements, which form part of the PMM Costa de Mogán. Despite the PMM Costa de Mogán having an contentious administrative appeal before the High Court of Justice, Costa de Mogán’s Plan for Modernisation, Improvement and Competitiveness has legal certainty, since the document is in force until it is annulled by a final and definite judgement by the court.



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