Tragic death of a young woman in Telde

Last Friday, March 31, 34-year-old Ayoze Gil, reportedly went to his mother’s house and allegedly confessed that he had just murdered his partner Yurena López Henríquez, who was only 23. His mother convinced him to go to the police station and confess the crime. There he revealed that he had strangled the young woman before putting her body inside the trunk of a car, with the intention of disposing of her.

That evening, when the police and the staff of the Canarian Emergency Services approached the neighborhood of Lomo Magullo, in Telde, they could only confirm that the victim had lost her life at around 16:30.

Today, Monday April 3, the assailant has been detained and will be transferred to the judicial headquarters in Telde, where he will appear before magistrate ‘Virginia Peña’ who specializes in cases of gender violence.

Women who suffer from gender violence have access to support through  resources provided by the Social Network for Prevention and Integral Protection of Victims, who have services and resources on all the islands, and call on both Victims as well as those closest to them, along with the rest of the citizens, to face any all cases case of macho violence to get in touch and contact help through either 1-1-2, or 0-1-6 

The Government of the Canary Islands, through the Presidency, Justice and Equality counselor, José Miguel Barragán, have expressed condemnation and repulsion for the murder of Yurena LH, allegedly committed by her partner in the municipality of Telde on Gran Canaria, and sent heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of this young woman of 23 years. Barragán has asked the public not to remain silent or impassive and to make it known clearly, firmly and forcefully that we are against any type of violence against women.

The counselor reaffirmed commitment of the Canarian Executive in assisting victims, in the fight against violence and in defending the rights of women, as well as in continuing to promote actions to prevent, address and eradicate such violent crime.

Barragán demanded unity, collaboration and institutional, political and social commitment against gender violence, suffered by thousands of women and their sons and daughters, and said that it is absolutely necessary to denounce gender violence, not only by those who suffer it directly but also by any person who witnesses or knows of these types of situations. “If we keep quiet, we will become accomplices,” he said.

The director of the Canarian Equality Institute, Claudina Morales, stressed that gender-based violence is not just a women’s issue, but is “a serious and devastating social problem that affects us all,” and insists that it is the responsibility of the whole community to isolate violent behaviour and fight actively to achieve a society free from macho violence.