The Neptune of Melenara whole again

Mayor of Telde, Carmen Hernández

One of the most identifiable symbols of the Telde coast has been restored to its original splendour. The statue of Neptune at Melenara beach, one of the main tourist hubs of Telde, lost his right arm in 2010 – along with the trident he held – due to crashing waves during a storm.

The mayor of Telde, Carmen Hernández, together with the local Councillor for Beaches, Gloria Cabrera, and the Canary Islands Government director general of Tourism Infrastructures, Héctor Suárez, last month unveiled the newly restored sculpture of ‘el Neptuno de Melenara’. The sculptural work of art, by Luis Arencibia Betancor, was restored in works whose final cost was close to €25,000.

This is a perfect time to visit Melenara to see this majestic statue back in full glory. The statue is located on the south end of the Melenara beach.