The Guardia Civil hunt brazen bank robber

The Guardia Civil are looking for a man who committed armed robbery at a bank branch near ​​Bañaderos , in the northern municipality of Arucas (Gran Canaria), taking about 1,050 euros last Tuesday morning without injuries.

At about 11.30 am, an alarm sounded – after the crime had been committed – and agents went to the scene. Security cameras recorded the man, who did not hide his face, with what appeared to be a firearm committing the robbery intimidating those present in the Bank and leaving the place on foot.  He was apparently brandishing a pistol, although it is not possible to know just yet if it was real or a non-firing replica.

The Guardia Civil notified all traffic units and the National Police with a description of the robber, while a Judicial Police team carried out forensic and technical-ocular inspections, collecting samples in search of traces that might identify the perpetrator.

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