The Canary Weekend Tips 8-11 September’17

What a September weekend ahead, with some amazing summer weather and with two of the most popular and important traditional patron saint festivities happening this weekend up in the mountain town of Teror and the west coast town of La Aldea de San Nicolas.

8-10 September, Teror 

The Fiesta of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Our Lady of the Pine)

On Friday 8 September the Solemn Eucharist in the Basilica del Pino at 12:00 is followed by the procession of the image of Ntra. Sra. Del Pino accompanied by religious, civil and military authorities and by the Teror Band of Music.

On Saturday 9 September, craft exhibition  El Pino 2017 in Plaza del Pino and surroundings from 10:00 to 20:00. In the evening the concert of the Pino 2017 concert with “La Unión”, Tutto Durán, Oscar Martínez and DJ Promaster at Plaza Sintes 22:00

On Sunday 10 September, DAY OF MARY. Teror’s Patronal Festivitity (should that be Matronal?). Eucharist Solemn, tribute of the Bar Association to its Patroness, the Virgin of the Pine
in the Basilica del Pino at 13:00.

Craft exhibition El Pino 2017 at Plaza del Pino from 10:00 to 15:30 p.m.

The Sun fiesta with with the Star Music Orchestra and DJ Line at Alameda Pío XII starting at 14:00  and Holy Rosary, Novena and celebration of the Eucharist at the Basilica del Pino starting at 18:30 followed by  the procession of the image of Our Lady of the Pine along Calle Real with a fireworks display during the procession on Muro Nuevo

9-11 September, La Aldea de San Nicolás 

the on going Fiestas Patronales La Aldea de San Nicolás 

The big long weekend in the west with their patron saint’s festivities. You can see the full program here ( in Spanish )

On Saturday 9 September Feria de Ganado, a cattle Fair in La Aldea as part of the Patron’s festivities “Fiestas Patronales en honor a San Nicolás de Tolentino”

On the plot of land in front of the plaza del Proyecto Cultural de Desarrollo Comunitario, the Fair host sheep, goats and cattle; horses; dogs and other animals.

At 17:30 the Bajada de La Rama from Alamacén de los Picos followed by an evening party with live music at 23:30 and at midnight fireworks at the back of the football field.

On Sunday, Día de San Nicolás, the highlight of the day’s events being the Romeria, pilgrimage procession starting at 18:00 from Alamacén de los Picos to the church.

On Monday, the big event, El Charco from 09:00 am revellers start gathering together and walk ( from 10:00am ) to the famous sea front pond from La Alameda. 17:00 and the main event ‘Pesca de La Lisa’ begins… the whole day is enlivened by music, dance, and wonderful people.

El Charco

Marking the end of the Summer, the El Charco Fiesta is the most popular event during the patron saint’s festivities, in San Aldea de Nicolás de Tolentino, it not only has great cultural and ethnographic importance, with origins dating back to pre-Hispanic times, but it is noted for its tourism value, attracting visitors from around the archipelago and beyond.

This little west coast town expects to receive more than 15,000 people to complete the principal weekend of their main municipal festivity, where they mix post-conquest religious feasts with the pre-hispanic aboriginal tradition of ‘Bajada de la Rama’ (lowering of the branch – an ancient ritual inviting back the autumn rain after a long dry summer) and the Pilgrimage Offering to San Nicolás de Tolentino.

El Charco, is where thousands gather at a small pool by the sea, in traditional clothes and wielding woven baskets, to drink rum and try to catch a fish with their bare hands, and it is the finale highlight event.

It pays homage to an ancient, traditional, native aboriginal fishing practice, using barbiturate herbs to dope the fish trapped in this brackish, shore-front pool so that they can be more easily caught while the tide is out.  These days everyone waits for the main starting gun before all diving in to splash around in the pool and try to land a fish.

Well worth a trip west…

8-10 September, Telde 

Festivities happening in the municipality of Telde  

On Friday in Playa de Ojos de Garza: ROMERIA, the pilgrimage offering, followed by some traditional taifa dancing at 20:30 and live music with ‘ Kilometro Cero’  at 23:00
In Playa de La Garita: a performance by Mario-Datana-African Flow  at 19.30.

On Saturday in Playa de Ojos de Garza: running race from Ojos de Garza to Tufia in the morning at 08:00 – Painting contest at 11:00 – Foam party at 12:00 – Variety Gala at 20:30 and live music by Nani Jimenez at midnight
In Playa de La Garita: ROMERIA, pilgrimage offering starting at 19:30 – party at 23:00.

On Sunday in Playa de Ojos de Garza: Mass and procession at 12:00  and end of festivities with Nani Jimenez at 15:00.
In Playa de La Garita: Water and salt party at 12:00

8-9 September, Arinaga, Agüimes 

Festival Ventolera

On 8 and 9 September the beach of Arinaga is where the wind is transformed into music, the Festival Ventolera, is a gathering that last year was very successful, in its second edition, combining music artists for all tastes.
The festival, follows the main music events of the summer on the island, and has managed to mix Canarian artists as well as renowned national and international performers.
The first day of the Ventolera Festival, on Friday, September 8, starts at 9 pm at the Arinaga Beach Urban Park, and features sessions by Jhonny Vega (New Jersey hip-hop artist), Lara Taylor (Considered one of the best electronic vocalist of the moment), Ismael Casimiro (DJ Grancanario who will present his latest successful production, “Trato”), Óscar Martínez (DJ from radio Los 40 Principales), Giolì (a young Milanese playing across Europe this summer) and Juliche Hernández (grancanario producer of French styled deep, dark house) .
 Saturday September 9, after the XXI Crossing to Arado 2017, from 3 pm, will be in the Ficus area, on the Avenue of El Pescadores, with Hector Martin “El Tata”, Aniba and Stereoman + Don Virgilio.

Starting at 21.00 hours in the Plaza de Arinaga, concerts from Los Guayres, Arkano (2 times champion of the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos), KM 0 and the disc session of Promaster.

Saturday 9 September, Anfi Beach, Mogán 

III Torneo voley playa mixto

Anfi del Mar’s second edition of mixed beach volleyball tournament from 09:00 to 19:00



Sunday 10 September, Parque Sur, SBT

A Walk in the park with Lilly Rikhter – Official Sunday Training The Long Walk 2017 (coast to coast mountain hike Sept 29)

FREE, Easy & Fun. 1 hour session in the sunshine in Parque Sur de Maspalomas, just next the climbing wall.12:00-13:00. Birdsong, blue skies and the fresh smell of grass. Yoga style stretching for muscles and joints. Any age, any condition, any fitness level. Every body benefits from a little help to move in the right ways

Lilly Rikhter is a personal fitness trainer based on Gran Canaria who works with people at all levels to help them get the best out of their bodies. Her session happens every Sunday throughout the year, and over the next three months she invites anyone looking for better mobility, more supple joints or who simply wants to help their body to feel great, to come join us in a training session thats easy enough for complete beginners and thorough enough to make a real difference in any bodies’ life.

With a special focus on helping to prepare participants for the biggest charity walk on Gran Canaria – The Long Walk 2017

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