The Canary San Juan Weekend tips 23-25 June’17

A scorching hot weekend ahead with bonfires across the island from Friday celebrating the midsummer, the longest day of the year, exactly six months before Christmas. San Juan, the summer solstice , and midsummer days are celebrated here with fires on the hillsides and huge gatherings across the islands.

Pretty much all municipalities are holding some sort of festivities. The biggest though is going to be in Las Palmas which also celebrates its founding day, after 600 Castilian soldiers arrived at La Isleta on Saint John’s day, 24 June 1478, and made a camp on a hill, where the modern day old quarter, Vegueta, now stands, and then proceeded to wage a war of conquest against the native islanders.

Las Palmas will put on one amazing fireworks show. Bonfires and fireworks are expected in many other locations towns and villages.

Due to high-temperature alerts declared on Gran Canaria, fires, and use of pyrotechnic material in forest land are prohibited. The ban also affects the use of fire (such as barbecues) in the abundant recreational areas and infrastructure managed by the governing cabildo, as well as a complete ban on fireworks in forest areas.

Although the ban does not affect fires planned for urban areas please remember the importance of taking precautions during the traditional celebration of Noche de San Juan.

Friday 23 June, Teror

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The traditional and colourful religious celebrations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus consisting of about 80 handmade “carpets” made during the early hours of the morning through the main streets of Teror, many of which will be part of a contest that the Council of Festivities in the Town are running this year. These festivities have a lot of participation and are worth a visit. Aim for the church ( Basílica Nuestra Señora del Pino)

Friday 23 June, Mogán

Noche de San Juan 

Mogán municipality celebrates San Juan in Playa de Mogán on Friday. The SanJuanera party will begin at 21.30 with the popular pineapple barbecue and a performance dedicated to Day of San Juan by the Municipal Art Schools. Later, the ‘Black Feeling’ music group will liven up the evening, and there will be a pasacalle with Samba Da Ilha batucada ( think samba dancing and rhytmic latin/african drumming ) as well as the Alehop Circus.

At midnight when the great bonfire of San Juan, and the fireworks display will enliven this usually sleepy little fishing-cum-tourist town. The big party will continue until dawn with a verbena, out door party, accompanied by Güira Latina.

Friday 23 June, San Bartolome de Tirajana

Noche de San Juan

Maspalomas celebrates its main San Juan celebrations in the public square by the Anexo ocean side commercial centre at Playa de Inglés beach. Festivities starting at 19:30 and the evening includes lots of live music and of course a firework show.

At various points around the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana there are events related to the celebrations of San Juan, noting that in all the towns of the municipality there will be traditional pineapple barbecues as one of the typical local rituals around this sanjuanera celebration.

On Friday, the Cultural Centre of Castillo del Romeral will celebrate from 19:30 with a crafts workshop, the great pineapple barbecue held at 21:00, accompanied by ambient music.

In El Pajar, the program includes a bonfire ( 22:00), with verbena ( evening party ) and the traditional barbecue. at 18:00 children’s entertainment with inflatables for the younger ones. 

Juan Grande has indicated at 20:30 a parade of witches, a traditional staple of the celebrations, with later musical performances.

Finally, Plaza Vieja de Cercados de Espino has a children’s party in the afternoon, but after 20:00 there will be the great descamisada of pineapples and later barbeque, to fulfill one of the rituals of San Juan.

Friday 23 June, Las Palmas 

San Juan and foundation festivities 

22:00 – 02:30 Night of San Juan in Las Canteras
Midsummer night Live Music at the Plaza de Saulo Torón with music groups Viltown, Neo Pinto and Mondo Diávolo
and at 24:00 firework show from PLaza de La Puntilla. 

Friday 23 June, Santa Lucia de Tirajana

La Noche Embrujada

The Bewitched Night, on this Friday in the Barranquillo area of ​​Pozo Izquierdo on the magical night of San Juan, a show based on the works of the French writer Jules Verne in which more than 100 actors and actresses will delight visitors and residents. Water fireworks in the bathing area and a concert from the music groups Left Well y Los Coquillos complete the program of this Bewitched Night starting at 22.00.

The Barranquillo area hosts a stage of 16 meters wide directed towards the sea. Next to the sound tower there is a large screen installed for the audience further back. The show also features a scaffold of different heights with circular screens that reach up to 9 meters.

Friday 23 June, Gáldar

Noche de San Juan Marinero

Its a seaside midsummer night at the seaside community of Sardina in Gáldar on the north west coast. Party starts at 22:00 with fireworks at midnight.

23-25 June, Telde 

Fiestas Fundacionales San Juan 2016

Telde, the oldest capital on the island of Gran Canaria, was originally recognised by the Spanish in a papal decree in 1351 and got its second and definitive foundation in June 1483. The ongoing foundation festivities continue until 29 June in the spiritual centre of Telde, San Juan, and centre around the beautiful church of San Juan Bautista.

Friday, on the day of San Juan, an artisans market from 11:00-21:00 and at 22:00 a theatrical show at Plaza de San Juan, (in front of the church) with the performance of the music group Parranda Araguaney. Afterwards the big bonfire burning at 23:00 with some surprises in the Barrranco Real de Telde, and around 23:30 live music from Estrella Latina and Dj Heri Santana.

Saturday, a cattle exhibition starting at 10:00 at La Placetilla parking place, an artisanal market from 11:00-21:00 at Plaza de San Juan with music performances at 12:00.

On Sunday National dog competition of Dogo Presa Canario breed starting at 10:00 at Plaza de San Juan and at 12:00 Traditional Canarian wrestling exhibition.

See the full program here

Saturday 24 June, Juan Grande, SBT

Fiestas Patronales en Honor a la Virgen de Guadalupe

Patron Saint festivities coming to an end in the small but important community of Juan Grande, just next to Castillo del Romeral and the wonderful Finca Condal. On Saturday, a foam party starting at 12:00 at Plaza publicá La Era and later starting at 19:00, the main Romeria, the pilgrimage offering through the main streets of this little enclave, once known as ‘The Gateway to The Desert’.

Saturday 25 June, Agaete

Fiestas de San Pedro

The patron saint festivities of Saint Peter the Apostle in the neighbourhood of San Pedro in the port town of Agaete, with the Romeria on Saturday, starting at 18:30 from Parque Acequia del Moral heading to Plaza de San Pedro. See the full program here

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