The Canary Islands’ Government disables rain alert

Image from Panoramio user  Gérard Peeters

Image from Panoramio user Gérard Peeters

The Canarian Government Centre for Emergency Coordination and Safety (CECOES)  has confirmed the deactivation of the yellow alert for rain in the Archipelago. However, they have warned of the possibility of rockfalls on the roads particularly from Agaete-La Aldea , the GC-200, and asked drivers to be cautious because the roads is not closed to traffic. It has, however, been reported that the storm rainfall in Gran Canaria, so far, has been less intense than that seen in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to the west.

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The Atlantic storms that hit the islands has passed with hardly any incidents on Gran Canaria, though reports warn that landslides are still possible along the road to La Aldea.

According to the Cabildo de Gran Canaria last night, fallen rocks near kilometer 9 of the GC-200, and have been removed.  In addition, debris will have to be moved from the GC-605 road, which runs from Ayacata to Mogan, after the Guardia Civil was alerted to the presence of rocks on the road surface.

Rock slides were also in evidence on the carriageway of the GC-231 road, in the Agaete Valley, and the GC-60, from the Mirador (viewpoint) of Fataga, without the need for either to have been closed to traffic.

The CECOES also reported a problem basement flooding in some homes around La Aldea and Santa María de Guía and several flooded sewers in Teror and Arucas, but without major incidents having been recorded.

via La Provinca.