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False claims alarm Canary Island hoteliers

British tourist scams, encouraged by unscrupulous lawyers, making false claims of food poisoning

Int’l SPAR Congress Gran Canaria

Nearly 400 SPAR delegates from around the world have come to the island

Centre for Initiatives & Tourism on Land Law

Opinion Article by Fernando del Castillo y Benítez de Lugo, president of the CIT

Newsbrief: Registered unemployment falls in the Canary Islands in February

Registered unemployment numbers dropped in the Canary Islands by 1,874 people over the last month, February, which means 0.81% than the previous month, according to official figures, to stand at 229,900 registered unemployed (on the Paro) across all the islands, according to the Ministry of Employment

Companies breaking employment laws

Policia Nacional, in collaboration with the Provincial inspectorate of Labour and Social Security

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Nomad City

We’ve reported several times in recent years on the rise of the Digital Nomad in the island

Newsbrief: Unemployment rose on the Canary Islands during October, but is more than 5% lower than last year

The number of registered unemployed, at the offices of the public employment services, rose in October in the Canary Islands. In relation to the previous month, the number grew by 1,973 people

El Pinillo camping being forced to close

The Mogán town hall has, after several months of local protests, confirmed that they plan

Mogán Council’s 7 IGTE project proposals

Mogán Town Council has submitted seven project proposals to the Government

32 additional Canaries work inspectors

The vice president of the Canary Islands Government and Minister of Employment, Social Policy

August saw fall in registered unemployed

Registered unemployment numbers fell by 1,884 people in the Canary Islands in August

Newsbrief: Over-64s outnumber the under-16s in the Canary Islands

More OAPs than young people have been recorded in The Canary Islands for the first time, with an ageing index ratio of 101,7%, which means that for every 100 under 16 year-olds, there are now 101 over 64 year-olds living in the archipelago, according to a press release

Newsbrief: 83,043 foreigners in the Canary Islands Social Security

The number of foreign-born workers affiliated to Social Security (‘on the paro’) stood at 83,043 throughout the Canary Islands in July. An increase of 1.3% compared to the previous month, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security reported this week.

Newsbrief: The unemployment rate in the Canary Islands stands at 27.33% for the second quarter of 2016

In the second quarter of 2016 the official number of registered unemployed, (on the paro), for the Canary Islands stood at 300,800 people, 15,600 more than in the previous quarter

Houses flooded at new Tauro beach

  The newly built beach in Tauro remains mired in controversy

25 years later, a new beach emerges

Gran Canaria now has a new beach. Although locals complain that it is still completely fenced 

El Hierro breaks new clean energy record

The pioneering hydro-wind power plant on the western-most Canary Island of El Hierro

Final Cabildo go-ahead for new water park

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has once again provided the Loro Parque group 

Newsbrief: 13% more overnight stays in the Canary Islands were recorded in May 2016

Canary Islands hoteliers and non-hotel establishments registered 7.8 million overnight stays this May. Overnight stays by foreign visitors increased by 13.21%, and stays by residents of Spain also increased by 13.72%. The number of passengers

High court lifts Siam Park suspension

The Canary Islands High Court of Justice has revoked the ruling which provisionally 

ZEC – new €20 million phase one investment

A major new project is developing in the capital’s Puerto de La Luz, Las Palmas.

Would-be taxi drivers test in Maspalomas

Aspiring taxi drivers in the area of Maspalomas Costa Canaria and the municipality

Newsbrief: Mogan’s Social Employment Plan

Mogan’s Social Employment Plan ”Mogán Actúa-Limpia 2016” has provided six months of work to 44 registered unemployed in the municipality of Mogán. Mogán contributes €200,000 euros to the ‘Social Employment Plan, together with Cabildo of Gran Canaria, which subsidizes the project with approximately €95,000

Newsbrief : fall in registered unemployment figures in March

Registered unemployment data for the month of March has shown a reduction in the number of  job seekers in the Canary Islands, with 744 less registered claimants, representing a decrease of 0.3% compared with the previous month. Compared with last year 13,963  

Agriculture Training for 240 unemployed

240 unemployed young, aged between 18 and 35 will be trained as future farmers 

Lowest household expenditure in Spain

The average annual expenditure per person in the Canary Islands was just €8,906  in 2014.