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Guardia Civil agents sentenced to prison for bribery convictions

A Las Palmas Court has sentenced two Guardia Civil agents to 8 1/2 years in prison each for having been the ring leaders of a group of agents, which included at least 8 others, at the Gran Canaria Airport who were in the habit of systematically requesting bribes from African travellers. The…

Puerto Rico tragedy of Donna and Jimmy continues to grab headlines

80 year old Jimmy Breaks has been headline news since the death of poor unfortunate Donna Cowley last week some hours after a supposed argument at his apartment.  Pictures emerged yesterday of a powerless and terrified old man pleading to reporters for help as he was forcibly led away from…

Man who beheaded his own mother: Guilty

A jury has this Friday declared a man guilty of unmitigated murder. Domingo Martín Suárez Jiménez