Summer beach games on Las Canteras

summer games La Canteras poster 2016
From 26 August to 4 September, Las Canteras is to become an outdoor competition arena,  hosting various events to promote sports by the sea, in and out of the water, and also to promote the importance of beaches and coastline conservation for our maritime capital city, as part of the LPA Summer Games.

Well-known sports like beach tennis, beach volleyball, beach soccer will all share the sands of Las Canteras as well as other sports that are increasingly gaining fame such as crossfit, foot volleyball, golzinho (mini football), bubblegol and ultimate frisbee.

Surfing, bodyboarding, 3 x 3 basketball, skate boarding, zumba and karate will also have a starring role in the ‘LPA Summer Games, a new sporting event and entertainment series for the end of August and the last of the summer holidays.



On 26 August, at the height of Plaza de Saulo Torón ; LPA BeachFit Challenge – first phase

On 27 August height of Hotel Sercotel Cristina, Calle Gomera;  First phase of the beach tennis tournaments. At Plaza de Saulo Toron; LPA BeachFit Challenge finals and karate tournament exhibition.

On 28 August By the hotel Cristina, the first qualifying tournament of foot volleyball, beach tennis finals,and the LPA BeachFit Challenge – offering free solidarity training and later the foot volleyball finals. The area by Plaza de Saulo Torón will host Zumba workshops.
beach volleyballOn August 29, By Plaza de Saulo Torón; workshops for various sports. Golzinho pre tournament and playful activity of Bubblegol.

On 30 August by Plaza de Saulo Torón
Workshops for various sports, a pre tournament phase for the beach soccer tournament and the playful activity of Bubblegol .

On 31 August Plaza de Saulo Torón; Workshops and clinics for various sports, the final rounds of the beach soccer tournaments and Golzinho and of course more Bubblegol.

greg steward tournamentOn 1 September Plaza de Saulo Torón; Workshops and clinics for various sports. Preliminary beach volleyball tournament and Bubblegol.

On 2 September, Plaza de Saulo Torón; workshops and various sports, beach volleyball tournament finals and Bubblegol. At El LLoret ; Championships competitions for various forms of skate boarding.

On 3 September, a solidarity 3×3 Basketball Tournament in support of Greg Stewart, a former player of Basketball Club Gran Canaria, who was hospitalised in the United States.

Finally surf, paddle and bodyboard competitions will take place on 3 and 4 September and depending on the conditions of waves; stages may vary between El Confital, La Cícer or El Lloret

summer games canteras beach

Councilman for “Ciudad de Mar” explained that this is one of the municipal investments “to convert the city beaches in to healthy leisure spaces, for leisure and social cohesion, where everyone can practice and enjoy sports and outdoor activities. These activities also serve us as tools to explain the importance of maintaining these areas in the best possible environmental conditions. ”

GolzinhoGolzinho is an adaptation of street football but on a beach. Officially born in Brazil, it is now played on beaches around the world.

The main rules :
– the goals are 1,50 m x 0,80 m.
– the playing field is 25 m x 15 m.
– the teams are composed of 3 players and one to substitute, without limits for changes. ( 4 player in a group )
– game time: 15 minutes, divided into two periods.
– there’s no goalkeeper and no defence may be within the area in front of goal for more than 3 seconds.
– the golzinho is designed for fun, and for this reason contact is allowed, similar to basketball. In addition each player can perform a maximum of 3 fouls per game.