San Fernando suspect detained, two more being hunted

The National Police have arrested one of the alleged perpetrators of the home invasion and robbery that took place on Monday morning in the southern district of San Fernando de Maspalomas.

Officials continue to investigate the shocking and highly unusual incident to try to locate two others allegedly involved in the raid, during which they assaulted the woman living at the property and tied up her 19-year-old daughter .

Investigators are said to have focused their research from the outset on a “gang” in the little coastal town of Castillo del Romeral, also located within the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. According to sources, one of those involved may have had some relationship with the owners of the house, so he had knowledge of the characteristics of the home as well as the customs of its residents.

In the early hours of Monday morning, three people loitered near number 28 Avenida Alejandro del Castillo, a main residential thoroughfare in the north part San Fernando just kilometers from the main tourist resorts, apparently waiting for the owner of the property to leave. According to sources, once they had made sure the owner was not inside, they allegedly knocked on the door and when an occupant opened it they forced their way in, assaulting the woman, causing several injuries. They immobilised her daughter, who they tied with gaffer tape, and threatened with a simulated weapon to get them to reveal the location of a safe.

The “gang” reportedly made off with jewels from the safe before fleeing the scene. The victims raised the alarm by calling the National Police, who, we are told, focused their investigation from the beginning on the suspect now detained. In less than 48 hours, investigators have managed to locate and arrest their primary suspect and it is expected that in the next few hours the other two assailants involved will also be detained.

The National Police have discounted the idea that these delinquents were in any way specialised in this type of assault, suspecting instead that this is a group of friends who, with delusions of criminal grandeur, wanted to perpetrate a robbery in full daylight, after one of them discovered there were valuables inside the house.

The shocking events in San Fernando last Monday, appear to have been an anomalous one off, and dealt with quickly by the authorities. Local residents have confirmed that the area has returned to its usual quiet atmosphere and neighbours have continued about their businesses without any visible or noticeable signs of concern, although at least one resident has requested an increase in police patrols.

Source: La Provincia