Ryanair employee caught with €39,000

Guardia Civil at Gran Canaria Airport detained a 20 year old Ryanair employee, an Argentine national with the initials MBA, last week, for allegedly stealing €39,000 from a safe in the offices of the airline, in the office from which he worked, on the island.

It is thought to have been money from onboard sales, and the steward, after allegedly taking the money during the early hours of the morning, was intending to fly to Seville before the theft had been detected.

From Gran Canaria to Seville there are two airlines that offer direct flights: Vueling and Ryanair. On the 13th of February there was only one direct flight from Gran Canaria to Seville, with Vueling.

The Guardia Civil did not release the airline’s name, but British media last week revealed that it was thought to be a cabin crew member from Ryanair.

The detainee has now been charged with the crime of robbery committed within the restricted area of the airport.

A Ryanair spokesman in the UK confirmed the investigation.  The cabin crew member took €34.295 from the safe, comprised of €1,568 in notes, £4,077 sterling , 1,300kr in Norwegian krone and 3,910kr in Swedish krona, totalling €39,000.

The investigation began as a result of of a suitcase in the inspection area at Gran Canaria airport that had been checked in on a flight bound for Seville. The fluoroscopy X-ray security system flagged it up as suspect. Once the suitcase was located by security guards at the warehouse, agents of the Guardia Civil coordinated to find the owner of the bag, who was requested to verify the contents of the suitcase and its origin.

In the presence of of the suspect, agents of the Guardia Civil proceeded to open the suitcase, proving that it carried a large amount of money divided in both bills and coins, and which he could not explain satisfactorily.

It is thought, the cabin crew member had accessed the office, while dressed in uniform, during the early hours of that morning using a security code, accessible to all Ryanair employees. Having access to the key of the safe, he allegedly opened it and took all the money that was inside. Finally, he returned to his home on the southeast of the island, changed clothes, and then returned to the airport to take a flight to Seville, at which time the suitcase with the money was detected.

He reportedly confessed to Guardia Civil officers when questioned.