Rain, storms and wind forecast from Tuesday on Gran Canaria

Cloud over the valleyAs this year’s Atlantic Hurricane season draws to a close, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET has warned that as of Tuesday afternoon rain and wind are expected throughout The Canary Islands.

Successive fronts join a deep formation of low pressure in the vicinity of the archipelago, leading to widespread and abundant rainfall, temporarily accompanied by strong winds.

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Mogan-weather-17112014-chartIn a footnote, the AEMET forecast notes that the first two fronts, the first of which is highly active, are expected to affect the islands from Tuesday afternoon until at least the end of Thursday, moving slowly from west to east, with persistent and localised heavy showers.  On Gran Canaria, that means that all eyes will be on the western province to see just how heavy the weather front expected here could be over the coming days.

In addition to the first weather system, a centre of low pressure is expected to begin forming over the islands on Thursday with the potential for instability and intense changeability.   Given that there is currently uncertainty over the location of the centre of this storm, no one can accurately predict the degree of intensity that it might achieve in terms of rainfall and wind on islands.   However, it is believed to be  “very likely” that there will be at least widespread rainfall, locally heavy with storm-like weather accompanied by very strong winds.

We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops, but as ever when rain comes to the subtropical Canary Islands, roads can become slick, quickly, and flash flooding and water run-off is possible with intense precipitation.  So be careful out there, and take precautions if necessary.

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