President advises territorial report for El Veril

The Kiessling group continues to wait for the San Bartolomé de Tirajana Town Hall, writes Thaidi Llames for Spanish language daily La Provincia, to grant authorisation to channel the El Veril ravine, where they plan to build a water park similar to Tenerife’s Siam Park.

The southern municipality has now requested that the Cabildo advise on whether or not the processing of a territorial qualification for the plot is necessary, again bogging down the project and raising heckles between the two administrations. The president of the island governing Cabildo, Antonio Morales, has advised the investor and park promoter to file a request for the new report, so as to avoid people outside the institutions again stalling the project in the courts. He has made clear assurances that the Cabildo will “immediately” resolve this process, because it is a “strategic” initiative for the islands.

LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA Presidente del Cabildo, Antonio Morales, ©Cabildo de Gran Canaria

While legal deadlines begin to loom for the Siam Park promoter, the two Gran Canaria administrations have continued for more than six months to be politically and technically entangled. The finding of pre-Hispanic remains at the Veril site was resolved with a report from the Government of the Canary Islands last February, the Cabildo and Town Council are now looking into the provision of a new report that the counsel of Territorial Policy, Ines Mirandares, will be responsible for processing.

A binding document

Almost eight months after the Kiessling group applied for the municipal license to carry out the necessary canalisation works on the Cañizo ravine, in the South, there is still a question as to whether or not a prior territorial qualification is required for the land where the water park is to be built. The response to this consultation, which has now left the Town Council in the hands of the Cabildo, further delays the processing of the Siam Park project as it is seen as a “mandatory” report for the granting of the license.

Antonio Morales, in his eagerness to “solve” this bureaucratic stumbling block “as soon as possible”, explained that “the best” thing to do is that the promoter request the territorial qualification from the Cabildo. This report should then “prevent” other businessmen from going to court in still further attempts to paralyse the project again, and provide greater legal certainty to the procedure.

Should Kiessling choose to request this report from the Cabildo insular government, Morales assures him that it will be dealt with in an “immediate” way.

The project has not only been declared “strategic” by the Canary Islands Government but also in the “general interest” by the Cabildo.

Source: La Provincia