Police “neutralise” Las Palmas man with axe 

National Police agents “neutralised” a man on Wednesday May 17th, who was wandering around in the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with an axe, the moment was captured by the Air Media Police Service, which lent support to the agents from the air.

The arrest came after a call to 091 reporting that a person had attacked a man, with an axe, while he was inside his vehicle on Calle Doctor Juan Domínguez Perez street, so several agents headed to the scene.

On arrival they located the man, who was walking just a few metres from where the event had allegedly occurred, still carrying the small axe in his hand, according to the National Police press release.

Police repeatedly ordered him to calm his attitude, however the man advanced towards agents and then away without ever dropping the axe and even allegedly attempting to assault one of the policemen who was apparently able to dodge him.

Later, taking advantage of a lapse in vigilance, one of the agents managed to approach quickly from behind to snatch the weapon and with the help of the other agents brought him to the ground.

The detainee was transferred to a medical center and then to be assisted by faculty specialists in psychiatry.

Editor’s Note:
It is testament to the high level of training and confident control displayed by the police during this incident, that the man was quickly detained without injury.  There are many other countries where shots might have been fired first, and questions as to the man’s well being asked later, if ever at all.  Well done Policia Nacional de Las Palmas, GREAT WORK!

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