Norwegian to fly Gran Canaria to Americas

Norwegian airlines plan to fly to America from the Canary Islands. The decision has been made to establish new routes between Europe and America and the gradual delivery of new aircraft.

Norwegian say they plan to open a base with ten Boeing 737 aircraft in Argentina before 2018. This will place the Canary Islands directly into the company’s established circuit for existing business between cruise connections and should increase the purchasing power of potential American tourism to the area.

The airline will use Boeing 737-MAX aircraft, to fly to both north and south America connecting Gran Canaria with Boa Vista, Fortaleza, Natal, Recife, Porlamar (Isla Margarita ); Barbados, Martinique, Guadalupe, San Juan (Puerto Rico); Florida, Boston and New York (United States ).

The ground breaking airline has recorded positive results this last year. In fact,  Norwegian Air quadrupled its net profit in 2016 , increasing revenues by up to €128.4 million, which is a 361% increase compared to the €27.8 million achieved during the previous year.

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