Newsbrief: Registered unemployment falls in the Canary Islands in February

Registered unemployment numbers dropped in the Canary Islands by 1,874 people over the last month, February, which means 0.81% than the previous month, according to official figures, to stand at 229,900 registered unemployed (on the Paro) across all the islands, according to the Ministry of Employment And Social Security.

Annually, the registered unemployed figure fell in the archipelago by 13,732 people compared with the same month of 2016, a decrease of 5.64%.

Between the two provinces of The Canary Islands, Santa Cruz of Tenerife saw a greater monthly decrease than Las Palmas, with unemployment there falling by 1,038 people compared to 836 less people registered in the eastern province.

Women continue to represent the largest number of registered unemployed, at 124,529, while unemployed men stood at 105,371;

Under 25 years without work stood at 13,880, according to the official numbers.

Just over 26% of the total workforce in The Canary Islands are registered as looking for work, where as more than half of all under 25 year olds are registered as unemployed.  These are some of the highest figures for any region in the Europe Union.

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