Newsbrief : Pasito Blanco party boat DJ detained with drugs.

Policia Nacional detained two 40 year old men a couple of weeks back for allegedly planning to distribute narcotic substances onboard a recreational boat intended for parties out at sea and one of them is said to have been the DJ responsible for playing the music.  Identified with initials S.G.M. and C.M.S.P. both have previous police records and have were detained for a suspected crime against public health.

The events were triggered when police officers became aware of the possible sale of drugs on a leisure boat, based in the marina at Pasito Blanco, used to have offshore parties.

Police officers carried out surveillance, until on the day of the party they stopped a vehicle driven by the person in charge of the music for one of the events. In the search conducted 67 ecstasy tablets and 6 heat-sealed sachets containing a total of 3.5 grams of cocaine were seized, so the men were arrested on suspicion. Four other occupants in the vehicle were denounced for being in possession of other substances such as hashish, cocaine and amphetamine.



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