Newsbrief: Gran Canaria wines ranked some of the best in all Spain with gold medal and distinction

Those who know the extraordinary wines of Gran Canaria also understand that it is often in too short a supply, with various bodegas (vineyards) around the island producing unique flavours in relatively small amounts, prices can be a little higher than many would want to pay.  Regardless, they are always in high demand, consequently connoisseurs often prefer to keep them a secret.

How unfortunate then, for those trying to keep the quality a secret and prices down, that Gran Canaria’s elaborate range of produce keeps winning awards.

This month it was the turn of the red wines Viña La Vica and Desentidos which obtained a Gold Medal and a Distinction Medal in the Contest Civas 2017, organized by the Akatavinos Association of Spanish sommeliers, a national reference that once again ranks Gran Canaria among the best wines in all Spain.

These winners were produced at Monte Lentiscal’s Plaza Perdida winery, who have already accumulated eleven national and international awards.

Viña La Vica red spends three months in the barrel and has a production of 8,000 bottles per year, is made with black and red grape varieties harvested during the night which undergo a special freezing process for six hours, then Cryo maceration a technique in which the crushed grapes are kept at a low temperature for a day before fermentation in order to allow the flavour to develop; before clarification using egg white and then placed into French oak barrels to mature.

The result is an intense cherry red broth with a rim of the same tone, very fragrant aromas of fresh black fruit, licorice, and toasted spices producing great expressiveness in the mouth, fresh and persistent on the palate.

Desentidos has a production of just 2,000 bottles per year and an elaboration similar to that of Viña La Vica, with the exception that it only uses tintilla grape. It has a prominent ripe red cherry color with violet rim, black fruit aromas with floral nuances and a silky flavor with sweet tannins, ripe and persistent in the mouth finishing with touches of toasted spice.

Civas 2017 gathered some of the best sommeliers in Spain to assess and value 4,000 wines that were scored by experts from between one to a hundred depending on their body, nose and flavours. La Viña la Vica; three month (in barrel) gained 94 points and Desentidos’ six month reached 91 points, placing them at the forefront of this years wines.

Monte Lentiscal Plaza Perdida is the oldest surviving winery on Gran Canaria with more than 200 years of history.