Newsbrief: Decrease in registered unemployment in The Canary Islands at the end of August

The Canary Islands region registered 25,600 less unemployed, and 13,000 more contracts than two years ago at the end of the summer season and the month of August. The region closed the month of August with 217,045 registered unemployed people, which is 850 less than in the previous month, and 13,140 less than in August last year and 25,604 less than in August 2015, which signifies a drop in registered unemployment of 10,5% over the last two years.

In the opinion of the Deputy Minister of Employment, Emilio Atiénzar, “the decline in unemployment over the month of August is positive, especially when unemployment has increased in the rest of Spain, but if we want to look beyond the seasonality of employment, we look at the evolution over recent years when we really see the road that is being marked in the Canaries, in fact, in the last two years, in addition to dropping unemployment by 10.5%, the region has increased the number of contracts in the Islands by 13,236 “.


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