Newsbrief: Brit detained during holiday in Las Palmas for assaulting partner

An incident took place last Friday on Calle Olof Palme in the Capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. Agents of the Policía de Barrio responded to a report made to 092 (the direct police contact number) about a couple on the street engaged in a heated argument, when officers arrived at the scene, they found a man being held to the ground by a citizen and a woman crying.

It turned out that the crying woman, 23 years of age, was the partner of the man who was being held until the arrival of the police, as he had hit her in the face. The couple are of British nationality, and were staying in a hotel in the capital.

The 29 year old man was arrested and transferred to a local police station, where he was held until being brought before a judge.

Highlighting the essential citizen collaboration. Always call 112, whenever you see any event where someone needs help.