New desalination plant for Playa de Mogán

playa-de-mogan-desalination-plantThe newly inaugurated desalination plant in Playa de Mogán has a processing capacity of 1,800 cubic meters of water per day – some 75,000 litres per hour – which exceeds the minimum of 1,500 cubic metres per day established in the initial contract, due to the growth of the hotel industry, especially in the area of Playa de Mogán, which looks set to continue in the medium to long term. It has been necessary to carry out this expansion based on the initial contract to enable coherent future planning, said the town hall in a statement.


The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, with several councilors during the morning of January 3, the opening ceremony of the new desalination plant located in Playa de Mogán. The event was also attended by José Juan González, general manager of Canaragua in the Canaries, along with other members and representatives of Canaragua, a company that won the public tender.

The new hydraulic installation is meant to guarantee the supply in quantity as well as quality for the whole of Mogán valley.

The plant has been fully operational since 31 December 2016, and has been financed entirely with municipal funds of more than one million euros.

Mogán say they are continuing to improve the hydrological facilities in the municipality throughout 2017 with the launch of an expansion module for the treatment plant in Playa de Mogán, which they hope will be able to continue to attract investment because without it, Mogán will not be able to give more hotel licenses.

One of the main characteristics of the desalination plant is that any operator anywhere on Gran Canaria can operate and command it at a distance through a remote control system. In addition to soundproofing the plant they have sought to respect local trees and the environment, to try to integrate this new facility into the existing location with minimal visual and environmental impact.