During the last plenary session, expenditure, contracting of the work and the reports on the establishment of the municipal public parking service were approved, along with the need for the creation of a public parking service and detailed proposals for the ways of operating it

The project consists of a two-storey basement car park with public plaza on top. The surface of the planned public square will be over 7,800 square meters and will include a multipurpose building of 500m2, a restaurant kiosk, a children’s play area and an adult rest area, spaces dedicated to sports with sports courts, spaces for exercise machines, shaded areas, vegetation and recreation apparatus. Other services and infrastructure that may also be located in the area include the possibility of a library and a youth centre.

At present there are 220 free parking places that have no control or surveillance and are, according to the local town hall, insufficient to meet demand. With the new car park building, a total of 486 parking spaces will be installed in an underground car park that will meet current demand and solve mobility problems. In addition, the upper part it will become a community square where residents will be able to carry out a multitude of social and leisure activities and where services will be provided.

The parking facility will be directly managed through Mogán Gestión Municipal, who are specialised in tax management, and which includes in its corporate purpose the function of collaborating with the town council for the development of activities entrusted to them.

Management of the parking area and the collection of the tariffs established by the ayuntamiento, from the outset will be in the hands of a trusted organisation working hand in hand with the local administration, expected to provide considerable savings.

The municipal parking in Arguineguín will be for an initial rate of €1.50 per hour and will allow for two separate monthly installment tarriffs: one for €50 per month for 24 hours a day and another for €30 per month for up to 12 hours a day.

Mogán’s Mayor, Onalia Bueno said that “there will continue to be plots and streets adjacent to this area where parking will be kept free of charge, such as Plaza Negra and the surrounding areas, for those people who prefer not to deposit their vehicle in the parking lot.” The mayor stressed that “this project is to order traffic using the underground parking, gaining also an area of ​​almost 8,000 square meters for leisure activities, education, culture and entertainment, among others.”

The work is being financed 100% with public funds, and so the law does not allow for the service to be made free, since the town hall has to justify the investment as being financially sustainable. The current governing group in the Mogán Town Council has publically lamented not being able to make the service free, as the law does not allow it. This strategic investment is more than justified and totally public, and is expected to generate employment and provide better service in a central and strategic location in Arguineguín.

The budget for the car park building project amounts to a total of €8.19 million, of which €5 million will be subsidised by The Canary Islands Development Fund (FDCAN), while the Municipality of Mogán will contribute €3.19 million.