More parking planned for Arguineguín

The mayor of Mogán has signed an agreement with the Government of the Canary Islands for allocation resources from the Canary Islands Development Fund (FDCAN). The Government of the Canary Islands will finance part of the new parking project in Arguineguín to the tune of around €5 million.

Mogán is one of the four Canarian municipalities that has signed the controversial agreements, next to San Mateo and Firgas, on Gran Canaria, and Alajeró, in La Gomera, and have not joined the insular programs agreed between cabildos and municipalities, in presenting projects via the island council. The Mogan town hall presented their project to the regional government to build a new parking facility in Arguineguín, which will be co-financed with €5 million through the resources of the currently disputed FDCAN funds and through municipal funds.

The project consists of a two-storey underground car park with a public square on top of it. The two parking floors would add almost 500 parking spaces, a number that would triple the surface area of parking places that currently exist between the Health Center and IES Arguineguín. The current situation is not enough to cover the demand in the area, as also in this residential area there are several public services and supermarkets that cause a great confluence of vehicles especially during rush hour, say the council.

The surface of the planned public square will be approximately 7,800 square meters and will include a multipurpose building, a restaurant kiosk, a children’s play area, spaces dedicated to sports, spaces for exercises with “biosaludable” machines, shaded areas, vegetation and recreation areas.