More human remains found from civil war

Archaeologists have found human remains in the Tenoya Well on Gran Canaria having located four femurs (two right and two left) that confirm the existence of at least two more bodies in this excavation of a site at which people were thrown into the darkness during the Spanish Civil War, first indications suggest there could be bodies located more than 35 meters down the well.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria last week resumed work to recover bone remains after the finding of two bodies last March 13. Locals have long spoken of this site being a mass grave that may contain between 40 and 50 people who were persecuted during that awful war, the first shots of which were fired on the streets of Las Palmas.

Archaeologists going down to the Tenoya Well.

There remain 13 meters more to excavate, which translates into several weeks of work at a depth of more than 35 meters below ground. This phase is considered to be an archaeological intervention, and is being supervised by historical heritage technicians from the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

After cleaning the bones, DNA will be extracted to collate with the data bank of the relatives of victims and try to identify who they are.

It should be remembered that the discovery of human bone remains located on March 13 occurred when the Cabildo started the last phase works in the Tenoya Well, and with 80 years having passed since the disappearance of an indeterminate number people during the month of March in 1937. Among them were several missing from Arucas, but also others from the municipalities of Agaete, Gáldar and the capital of Gran Canaria.

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