Mogán reasphalts in Puerto de Mogán

playa-mogan-road-work-sep16The street Explanada del Castillete, located in Puerto de Mogán, and its surroundings have been resurfaced, rehabilitated and improved. The road works which cost just over €120,000 euros also involved reorganisation, improvement and streamlining of the traffic in the area.

Resurfacing of the road has resulted in significant and much needed improvement of a street that has been badly damaged for some time.  Various crosswalks and loading and unloading areas have been improved, as well as repainting of the parking areas.

playa-mogan-road-work-sep16-1The rehabilitation activities in what is one of the main streets used in Puerto de Mogán, is aimed at benefiting residents, businesses and entrepreneurs. Likewise, investment in this tourist area offers great benefit and improvement to the image of the municipality, according to the Town Hall.

playa mogan street work 2016The street works were divided into two parts. First, the rehabilitation and replacement of curbs and improving the environment and perimeter of the street, which cost about €42,000 euros directly from the funds of the Ayuntamiento de Mogán.

The resurfacing of the road began on Monday, September 19, and was undertaken with a budget of about €80,000 euros through the Cabildo de Gran Canaria 2016 Cooperation Plan for the municipalities.

Now if only something would appear to get done about the eyesore building site that was supposed to be a new bus terminus…

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