Mogán Council’s 7 IGTE project proposals

mogan-projects-arguienguinMogán Town Council has submitted seven project proposals to the Government of the Canary Islands, to be financed from the funds of the General Traffic Business Tax (IGTE). If approved, the projects would be developed between now and 2018 and would have funding of just over 13 million euros.


The proposed actions range from works on water infrastructure, promotion of digital public services and other infrastructure improvements and rehabilitation of public spaces in tourist areas.mogan-projects3

The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, has indicated that the projects presented are strategic projects, very ambitious, viable and supplemented, which only lack enough funding to be carried out. The Mayor explained that the Council of Mogán decided to present the proposals individually because, in this way, it could achieve full funding for each project.

If they are approved, the mayor explained, they would have clear benefit to both tourist areas as well as the rural zones inland and transform certain areas of the municipality of Mogán, like Arguineguín, Puerto Rico and the village of Mogán.

The mogan-projects2construction project of a public square with underground car parks in Arguineguín, “Reneguera Arguineguín” would need the biggest budget, just under €6 million. This would involve the creation of some 500 underground parking spaces, which would solve many of the parking problems in Arguineguín and facilitate future projects like open shopping areas. In addition, it would create a leisure space, with about 9,000 square meters including a children’s area, a sports area, leisure area and a youth centre.

mogan-projectsAmong the infrastructure projects requested is the construction of a recreation park in Puerto Rico with an investment of €1,418,000. Puerto Rico is a population centre “that has seen a lot of the residential growth in the municipality over the last decade” said Bueno. The project seeks to recover urban green space as a municipal plot of 10,000 square meters. Thus, the Recreational Park of Puerto Rico would include things like a multipurpose sports area, a dog area, playground, multi-functional platforms, a cafeteria, health trails, trails for running and cycling among others.

Other proposals from the seven projects presented by the Consistory are the rehabilitation and beach concession of El Perchel beach (€1.6 million), the project to improve water infrastructure in Mogán ( €2.2 million), the modernisation project for development of electronic administration in the municipality of Mogán ( €913,000 ), the remodelling of the square in the historic centre of Pueblo Mogán ( €559,000) and an improvement project for lighting and energy efficiency in the tourist areas Mogán ( €403,000).