Mogán beach reopens for swimming

– The Health Inspectorate of the Government of the Canary Islands has reopened the beach for bathing in Playa de Mogán this Wednesday, May 17 at 2:00 p.m. The inspection was carried out after results of the analysis of the water samples, taken on Monday 15, indicated normal parameters and acceptable conditions for swimming.

At 14:00 the municipal staff on Playa de Mogán changed the red flag for green and proceeded to remove the perimeter fences and signage. A few minutes after starting the removal of the fences the townhall report that “a couple rose from their hammocks and did not hesitate to go swimming.”

The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, visited the Playa de Mogán beach this morning and said that “since yesterday we have known the results, which indicated that the bathing area was safe, but waited 48 hours to obtain the final confirmed results, before which it has not been possible to proceed with lifting the swimming ban”.

Last Thursday May 11 the Health Inspectorate of the Government of the Canary Islands had to close the beach for swimmers in Playa de Mogán due to a detected sewage spill caused by a failure in two pipes, a fault that was resolved quickly by 04:00 hours on Friday 12 of May.

Analysis of samples taken on Thursday 11 indicated high levels of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus bacteria. These were significantly decreased in the results received on Monday 15, at which time the ban on bathing was maintained as a precaution.

The beach itself has remained open at all times, and visitors, residents and tourists have been using the hammocks and the sand. Passersby, beach users and staff of Playa de Mogán celebrated the lifting of the ban on swimming with applause and congratulations.

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