Mogán mayor wants to #RemoveTheFences on Tauro beach

Bueno last year with representatives of the Costas

Mogán mayor, Onalia Bueno, has been refused permission to re-open Tauro Beach.  According to Spanish language daily, La Provincia, the Subdirectorate General of Coastal, Maritime and Public Domain Land, in Madrid, blocked the move at a meeting to discuss removing the fences, which have been in place for a year, so as to make the beach available for enjoyment this summer, so long as it meets all the required conditions.

People removed from Tauro Beach at Easter

“It will be impossible to stop the avalanche of [visitors] who are going to want to access the beach this summer, and the Townhall will not be responsible for entering or removal of fences as happened last Easter” said the Mogán councillor.

The mayor said that she was not convinced by the explanation offered, that the fences should remain pending a decision on whether to withdraw the management concession for the beach from the Anfi group, who last year placed some 70,000 tons of sand, controversially imported from Western Sahara, in order to start their latest development in the area.

Bueno has announced that she is going to request a further meeting with Spain’s Government delegate in the Canary Islands, Mercedes Roldós, to address this matter and will again insist that it is put before the Secretary of State for Costas (Coasts), because in her opinion an administrative question of this sort cannot perpetuate the continued closure of Tauro.

Territorial plans for Tauro Beach

Bueno says that although she understands that because this coastal project having been sent the Office of the Environment is influencing efforts in Madrid to not yet reopen the beach, she stressed that in any case that matter should not have to affect everyone who wishes to access this beach. In October 2016, the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint against the former Canary Islands head of the Demarcation of Costas, José Manuel Hernández, for “prevarication and falsification” official documents authorising Anfi to construct this artificial bay, without respecting all the conditions laid out in the concession through which they had been able to win the public tender contest.

Amadores Beach

The mayor of Mogán also took advantage of her meeting with the Subdirectorate General of Coastal, Maritime and Public Domain Land, to bring up the subject of company Puerto Rico SA, who are the current concession holders for Amadores and Puerto Rico, regarding the repairs required by the Municipal Council if these artificially constructed beaches in Mogán are to remain in the hands of the current concession holder.

Operating contracts for Amadores and Puerto Rico beaches end in 2018 and 2022 respectively. The mayor has complained that the promoters of these tourist spots are not complying with the services and conditions stipulated in their contracts and the concessions and operating permits, therefore, should not be extended. In this case, the aim of Mogán Council is to themselves exploit the seasonal services of these coastal areas, which would result in higher revenues for the municipal coffers, possibly up to €3m a year.

Bueno also discussed the second phase of work on the promenade that will link the entire coastal area from Maranuelas (Arguineguín) to Anfi del Mar (Los Ciaderos). The works, budgeted at €1.6m, have currently €800,000 in funding from the Canary Islands and the Spanish State Governments.

El Perchel in Arguineguín

Lastly, the mayor presented information regarding the El Perchel beach project in Arguineguín, which requires an investment of €1.4 million for improvement of this entire area of ​​the Arguineguín coast improve the sandy areas and the natural pool adding greater value for the popular fishing-cum-tourist town.

Source: La Provincia  – Elaborated on by The Canary