#Manchester Minute of Silence in Maspalomas

A large group at the town hall governing Maspalomas and the south of Gran Canaria, including political representatives, public employees, pedestrians and administrators, stood for a minute’s silence, at noon on Tuesday, May 23, in front of the Municipal Offices of the Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, in Maspalomas, to mourn the murderous attack that took place on Monday night in Manchester and to reject violence and the loss of human lives.

The congregation expressed their solidarity and sorrow for the families of the deceased and wounded, as well as to the local authorities in Manchester, for this act of “barbarism”, while making public a statement from the Mayor :

“Violence against citizens never has a justification, much less when it comes to people so young.

In our society there is no place for these acts, or others that involve violent demonstrations, execrable and condemnable acts against which we, including local governments, must fight, because they are attacks on our people directly, and against the hearts of our cities and our peoples” .

Source: ‘Minuto de silencio’ in Maspalomas over the Manchester attack

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