Impact of “Allied” movie on Gran Canaria

equipo-allied-1Around €11 million was directly generated for the island during the recent “Allied” film production shoot on Gran Canaria, distributed between various professionals, companies and locals.

Some estimate the media coverage alone to have been worth several tens of millions in itself, as coverage of the movie crew, led by director Robert Zemeckis with stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as the leading actors was published and broadcast around the world.

Location producer for Paramount, Russell Lodge, told Spanish language daily La Provincia that Gran Canaria “has a world of opportunities” as it is “a wonderful cinematic space” and has encouraged the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in their plans to make this industry sector a success story for the island.

In fact, it is not the first time Lodge has worked in the archipelago, having previously been involved with “Clash of the Titans” and “Fast & Furious” both filmed in the Canary Islands.

Gabildo, Allied movieIsland President, Antonio Morales, explained that to generate the same news publicity around the world for the island would cost about half a million euros, however the qualitative assessment of the type of coverage amounts to more like €50 million, according to international studies on the impact that this type of production can create.

The news stories picked up by the international media brought a potential audience of more than 535 million people split between readers, listeners and viewers, to which can be added another 7 million hits on social networks with many thousands of likes, comments and shares across the globe.

News of the filming generated 275 stories collected by 139 international digital media outlets and seen by a total 527 million unique users.

Among the high impact allied still from RTVCinternational press that picked up the news are the Daily Mail, Huffingtonpost (Edition USA), The Mirror, The Times of India, Bild, as well as the likes of Perez Hilton, the famous celebrity blogger.

The producers have allowed the Cabildo to keep part of the scenery and props used in the shoot, which are currently stored for use in another production and in the future to be exhibited to the public.

casting, Gran Canaria Espacio digital, movie, AlliedThe production hired some 70 local businesses ranging from transport to hotels and food, in addition to 150 professionals of various kinds including painters, plasterers, masons and carpenters. A dozen personnel for hair and makeup, as well as 400 extras, all  resident on Gran Canaria, were hired, and compensation was paid to neighbours, businesses and stores affected during filming.

Among those paid to participate were artisans from the Fedac federation of Canaian arts who created more than a hundred pieces of pottery and ironwork for the set.

“Allied” is due to the big screen this November

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