Houses flooded at new Tauro beach


preview_m-1The newly built beach in Tauro remains mired in controversy. Just over a week ago, last thursday, several of the neighboring houses were flooded with water and mud.

The company that built the beach created a retaining wall, allowing firefighters from Puerto Rico to help pump and bail at least five houses. The water was in some cases knee deep.

Timeshare tourism company Anfi had reported only a week or two earlier that their new Tauro was now finished and ready for use in August, after investing several million euros, actual declared amounts have shifted from €2.5million to now repeated reports of €6million, having deposited more than 70,000 tons of sand.

Playa-artificial-de-Anfi-TauroThe resulting beach is about 300 meters long and another 50 meters wide, almost double the previous measures from the beach.

Many questions surround the development, and how it is that on a calm day the shoreline could be inundated with sea water in a way that has rarely, if ever, happened in the past.

Locals warn that, come the Mar del Pino, in September, rougher seas and higher tides can be expected.

Surely this project was the subject of detailed technical projections and necessary specifications, so as to ensure the integrity of the existing buildings?  The farce looks set to continue for a long while to come, while residents appear less and less able to appreciate the funny side, expressing deep anger and resentment for the Anfi Group and construction partners Santana Corzola.

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