High season for forest fires on Gran Canaria until end of September

The summer months of July to September are the time of the highest risk of forest fires on Gran Canaria and in The Canary Islands. There are special instructions for the use of recreational areas as well as various prohibitions, including burning waste materials on agricultural or forestry farms in any part of the island.

The rules are always more restrictive when a specific declaration of fire risk is announced by the Canary Islands Government, usually coinciding with a heatwave. On Gran Canaria access to Campsites at Llanos de La Mimbre and the Recreational Area of ​​Tamadaba are banned, as well as the use of high speed machinery such as radials and chainsaws in forest areas.

These bans can also affect the circulation of traffic on mountain roads like the GC-216 that accesses the Recreational Area of ​​Tamadaba, with strict prohibition of fireworks and pyrotechnics near forest lands and the use of fire in camping areas and recreational areas which are controlled by the Cabildo. While the alert is active, the use welding equipment, chainsaws and brush-cutters, as well as the use of fire in coal and beekeeping operations are totally prohibited.

Prohibitions will be maintained until the end of the alert for high temperatures is over.

Six small fires were declared in just 24 hours on 17 July in Valsequillo, Guia, Gáldar, Tamaraceite, Tunte and Teror all highlighting once again the need to comply with regulations and take precautions to prevent forest fires, especially at this time of the year.

For the first time in many years, the use of the installed masonry barbecues in all of the Cabildo’s recreational areas is being allowed this year during the summer on Gran Canaria, as well as in the camping areas of Presa de las Niñas, Llanos de la Pez and Corral de los Juncos, which all have existing barbecue facilities. The use of portable barbecues however continues to be prohibited.