Heatwave Orange Advisory continues into its fifth day

The orange advisory for high temperatures on the southern half of Gran Canaria was maintained for a fourth consecutive day yesterday under the advice of the Spanish State Meteorological Agency, with temperatures in the shade exceeding 40ºC by mid-afternoon yesterday, and were repeated on Friday in the interior and midland areas of the south and southeast of the island, with a thick layer of Saharan desert dust still hanging over the archipelago.

By Saturday morning the heat advisory is expected to be reduced from orange to yellow as temperatures begin to return to their seasonal norms.

According to the AEMET forecast temperatures across the island could exceed 38ºC inland and on the south and Southeast of Gran Canaria, with moderate Calima winds from the northeast continuing to carry Saharan dust in the air, with breezes expected across the south and southwest coasts of the islands.

The skies will remain clear. Except at the beginning of the day with a layer of  cloudiness expected below 400 meters altitude. By Saturday morning the orange notice is expected to end, leaving only the southern half of Gran Canaria with a yellow advisory, while elsewhere temperatures should remain below 32º in the shade. By Sunday temperatures should have returned to seasonal norms (24º-27ºC) and remain that way until at least Tuesday.

Out to sea a general improvement from the blustery conditions of the last 24 hours, with a decrease in winds on the southwest coasts to between force 2 or 3, with waves of little more than about 1 meter in height.

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