Gran Canaria wants to “relocate” residents out of tourist areas

The Government of the Canary Islands is working with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Southern tourist zone town hall of San Bartolomé de Tirajana to try and find ways to encourage citizens residing in tourist resorts to progressively move to other places, so as not to endanger “the jewel of the crown” of the island’s economy.

Vice president of the Canary Islands’ autonomous community, Pedro Rodríguez , made this announcement in a forum organised by the Spanish language daily newspapers ” La Provincia” and “La Opinión de Tenerife”, when asked by audience members about the problem of the gradual conversion of tourist areas into residential areas.

The authorities on Gran Canaria reportedly believe that visitors and guests in these designated accommodations do not want this type of coexistence and that the residential use of tourist beds causes a degradation of the destination overall.

Rodríguez has acknowledged that he worries “enormously” about this problem and considers it to be one of the “most complex challenges to be faced” in the Canaries, although he has also pointed out that this is a situation that has long been going on and will require reconciling the rights of all those involved.

He pointed out that in cases when different sets of rights confront each other, such as property ownership, properties used by their owners and matters of the general interest, he has indicated that among all the administrations involved they will seek “attractive alternatives that allow the movement of these people who now reside in the tourist areas”.

The counselor has stressed that tourist areas are “the jewel in the crown” within the Canary Islands’ economy and should not be allowed to “put themselves at risk”, so “balance must be the key word” for the resolution of a conflict of interestes that affects approximately 70,000 residents throughout the Canarian archipelago.

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