Gran Canaria expecting 35º in the shade

Temperatures are expected to reach 35º inland on Gran Canaria today, according to Spanish State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, who report clear blue skies and moderate northeast winds will predominate, with loose breezes at the Summits.

At sea north northerly force 3 or 4 winds may occasionally reach force 5 on the northwest and southeast tips of the island, producing areas of swell. 1 meter waves may curl on the southwest coast, with breezes.

The north of the island started a little cloudy with clear skies elsewhere. Temperatures increasing, and on west and southeast could reach 35ºC in the shade. Moderate northeast winds, more intense on northwest and southeast slopes. Breezes on the southwest coast.

This is the beginning of a hot spell expected to last well through the weekend and into the middle of next week.

Always remember, the island may be Spanish, but the Sun, she is African, and she does not forgive!

All temperatures are measured in the shade (except for those outdoor thermostats near the beaches!)  Direct sunlight can raise temperatures significantly.  Always wear sun screen.

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